Thomas Thornton

Quantum Healing
Sound Therapy

After receiving his Masters in Scienceat the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Thomas started his shamanic training and also learned quantum healing. He decided to work at tech companies for nine years before accepting his true calling. His lifelong struggle with depression and mood swings (bipolar II) led to his awakening during an Amazonian healing ceremony where he experienced everything in this universe as information in form of intention, attention, and vibration. After healing himself from the symptoms of mental illness, he became a Reiki TUMMO Master and a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, guiding other empaths on their journey towards empowerment.

CLASSES TAUGHT by this teacher
Tue 1:15-2:30pm
Thurs 7:00 - 8:30pm
Star Energy Healing
Thomas Thornton

Star Energy is a version of Reiki that will help you to safely release the pain body so you can be who you truly are. This is a self-empowerment energy healing and coaching session where you practice trusting your own psychic abilities.