Seth Misterka

Sound Bath

Seth Misterka is a musician and meditation teacher who began studying yoga in 1994 as a teenager, after receiving a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s classic 'Light on Yoga'. While studying philosophy and music at Wesleyan University, he met his first guru in the form of master musician Anthony Braxton who introduced him to the mystical dimension of sound. He has additionally studied at Ananda Ashram and Fairhaven Healing Arts Center with master energy healer Lisa Ishwari Murphy who introduced him to Svaha Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. He currently lives in Los Angeles, practicing and teaching music, yoga, and mediation at Mystic Journey LA.

CLASSES TAUGHT by this teacher
Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath
Seth Misterka & Jenny Deveau

Dynasty Electrik uses traditional sound healing instruments, including singing bowls and gongs, along with electronic tones and theremin, to take listeners on a journey to the inner dimension of their being.