Sandra Contreras


Sandra was born and raised in Los Angeles by a lineage of Intuitive healers from Mexico and from a young age was fascinated by the power of touch to heal the body. From a young age, her parents taught her to use earth remedies to treat various ailments and introduced her to sacred Native American sweat ceremonies as a healing practice.

Sandra’s interest in cultural healing practices led her to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Health from UC Berkeley, where she was actively involved in bringing health education to under-served communities. She then earned a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Communication from the University of Southern California. Her passion for holistic medicine led her to San Francisco in 2013 for intensive study in Medical Qigong at the Chow Integrative Healing System with world renowned Grand-master Dame Effie Chow at the East West Academy of Healing Arts.  Sandra received advanced training in the art of Medical Qigong and has since developed an integrative approach to energy healing using the principles of Qigong.  Sandra values a holistic perspective and increased awareness of the human condition to offer clients a unique approach to healing body, mind, spirit.

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