Kiley McInroy


Kiley McInroy has been a devoted Yogi for over a decade, and has made a life-long commitment to be of service in the realm of sharing healing tips and techniques. There is a wide and expansive range of modalities that Kiley McInroy loves to share. She has cultivated a deep relationship and study of Therapeutic Specific Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Sports Medicine Knowledge, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Work, Alignment Practices and more. Congruent with this path, Kiley has become a teacher of Yoga Therapeutics, Hatha, a Reiki practitioner, and a tapping/EFT Facilitator. Her passions continue to extend well beyond the confines of these modalities!

Kiley's specialty is embracing all body types, all ages, all attitudes. She is encouraging of creating sacred space for deep healing and expansive growth to occur naturally through leading her well versed practices and facilitations. You really are in good hands no matter what the present situation is. You will feel so nourished and supported in her divine and sparkly presence.

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