Jenny Deveau

Sound Bath
Color Balancing

Jenny creates transformational experience through sound and crystals. She scans the auric field and uses sensory information, intuition and compassionate communication to create a specialized session in alignment with her client’s specific physical, emotional & spiritual needs. She was initiated into the practice of Svaha Yoga, a Shamanic energy technique, by Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, Lisa Ishwari Murphy. She has a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Communication from New York University, and is additionally certified in Color Therapy & Reiki and has studied the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones extensively. Jenny shares her work with Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, performing at studios in New York City and Los Angeles. She hosts a weekly sound bath with Dynasty Electrik at Mystic Journey. She’s been a practicing yogi for the past 20 years.

Private offerings include: Chakra Tune-up: a Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls, Colored Light & Gemstones. In this light and sound bath, the rainbow spectrum of colors and corresponding musical scale is used to restore a harmonious flow across the chakra system. Each color found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and frequency, producing a specific energetic effect on the entire subtle body and physical body systems.

CLASSES TAUGHT by this teacher
Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath
Seth Misterka & Jenny Deveau

Dynasty Electrik uses traditional sound healing instruments, including singing bowls and gongs, along with electronic tones and theremin, to take listeners on a journey to the inner dimension of their being.