Corey Daniel

Intuitive Reader

During the middle of his astrological cycle (known as a Saturn Return) at age 28, Corey Daniel's precious relationship with his fiancé had come to a screeching halt. He was excommunicated from his previous religious organization that he was a part of since birth and then shunned by his family and community. Three weeks later his best friend was tragically killed in an automobile accident and his business as an international photographer crashed and burned due to most of his contacts being linked to his previous affiliations. During this time of turmoil, freedom and self-discovery his inherited psychic abilities that first expressed themselves at 4 years of age came back with a bang! He finally realized that everything that he was experiencing was for a reason, and a very clear reason at that.

CLASSES TAUGHT by this teacher
It's OK to be Right!
Corey Daniel

Corey Daniel targets the root causes for holding back from embracing and speaking truths for each student and uses the information as fuel for their intuitive expansion.