If you are an artist interested in showing your work alongside our large specimen minerals, please first fill out the form below.  In conjunction with this form, and only after filling it out, please email 3-5 images of your work in this specific format :

Image files should be high quality, JPEG format and not exceed 1800 pixels.
Please name all image files in a numeric order, with your name and title of the piece.

EX : 01_DarcieOdom_NirvanaAtDawn

After formatting all files as listed above, please provide the correlating list and details of your chosen work in the body of your email.
The list should be in the same numerical order as the image files, and include first the Title, the Medium(s), the Dimensions, the Price and the Date.


All pieces submitted must be originals – you have the option of also selling prints or duplicates of the original.  Each show’s duration will be up to 90 days and your work must be available for the entire length of the show.  All edges of paintings, drawings, photography, etc., must be finished or the piece must be framed before it can be considered.  All pieces must be fully ready for hanging or display.

Artist Submission Form
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