June 22, 2019

Native Drum Making Workshop


Enolia Foti

12pm – 6pm

Non-refundable deposit of $150 for materials due Wednesday June 12

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Enolia Foti will guide you on a Sacred Journey to birth your Medicine Drum. In indigenous traditions throughout the world the medicine drum is a sacred tool to support deep healing and cleansing. The drum you create in this workshop will be uniquely yours.

You will receive its specific power and medicine through the process of the workshop. Because of this you will need to have an understanding of your shamanic tools, your power animal and spiritual teachers.

Drumming throughout time has been used to connect not only with our rhythm, our heartbeat, but also to the universal creative energy.


“Learn how to awaken your drum’s voice in ceremony. When we drum, our body and spirit become one with the drum. It is the medicine way.”

– Enolia Foti

“The Drum is a potent tool. Our relationship to it builds over time. The resonance of the beat changes a sour relationship to the drum changes. It can change the energy of a room, connect you or others to shamanic journeys. It can be used to support you to pray.”

– Chalice Malcolm

About Enolia

Enolia has traveled around the world to study with many native medicine people. Spanning the Ojibwa nation of Canada; Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, Apache nations of the U.S.; the Q’eros of Peru, the Mapuche of Chile, the Toltec of New Mexico and the Luhya of Kenya just to name a few. Bringing back the gift to heal the luminous body at an energetic level.

Enolia, Orator has received the spirit name Changing Times Woman from her Ojibwe Elder. She walks the path set before her to Teach, Counsel, Heal and Empower.

Enolia is a graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Light Body School where she received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q’eros Indians of Peru.

Her 20+ years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her toolbox with – leadership development, performance excellence, and empowerment coaching. She networked entire IT solutions for global organizations, in the profit and non-profit
sectors, holds multiple certifications in technology, served on multiple boards, is an ordained minister and is certified in various empowerment methods.

Enolia holds a degree in Mathematics and graduated in the top 1% of her MBA class. She weaves her 20+years in business with her deep knowledge of the language of the Soul to help conscious professionals committed to personal development take their mission and vision to the next level.

Enolia anchors corporate experience with her broad teachings that include many facets of Energetic Medicine - all focused-on healing and the empowerment of the soul.

By sharing the ancient practices and teachings through modern empowerment Enolia is a Modern Day Medicine Woman.

More about Enolia: www.enoliafoti.com