February 8, 2020

Leo Full Moon

Sound Bath & Intuitive Reading

Desiree Lanz & Mindful Luna

7pm – 9pm

$17.50 for members

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Join Desiree & Luna for a special night of deep healing and connection to harness the power of February's full moon, the second full moon of this decade. This Leo moon brings strength, courage, passion and initiative to chase your dreams and manifest your heart's desires. It is a good time to connect with and trust your intuition and take action.

A Full Moon is a magnifier of energy, activity, and emotions. During this time we often feel inner tension, external pressures and drained energy as our emotions and instincts are rising to the surface, bringing our challenges into focus. Each full moon also brings a powerful opportunity for healing and manifestation; it’s a great time to take a pause, meditate, recharge your energy, set clear intentions and travel into a state of deep connection with our inner selves.

Coming together as a group during this time is a great way to practice collective healing and manifestation. We will begin with a circle of intentions to activate and manifest what you’re holding in your heart as we enter this new moon cycle.

Desiree will use her intuitive abilities to channel Source, Higher Self and Akashic Records to download messages for the group and answer individual questions for the highest good of all involved. This is an opportunity to explore past lives, communicate with guides and other spirit beings, and explore higher realms. As the energy of divine love is transmitted through the heart, healing occurs and our frequency rises in unison and resonance.

Luna will lead the Soundbath using a wide variety of instruments, including Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drums, a Moon Gong, Chimes and many more, that will take you into a high-vibrational journey of deep relaxation and harmony. The vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to increase awareness and clarity, clear blockages, balance our chakra centers and recalibrate our entire being.

You will leave feeling relaxed and lighter, in-tune with yourSelf, full of bliss and ready to embrace this new cycle with love, positivity and good vibes!

Suitable for all. No yoga or meditation experience necessary.

ABOUT DESIREE / @desireelanz

Desiree is an intuitive channeler, reader, medium, energetic healer and spiritual teacher. She trains and certifies intuitive readers, channels Source, Higher Self and Akashic Records for guidance and healing, and communicates with guides and spirit beings. She is available for private intuitive readings, energetic healing and spiritual coaching.


ABOUT MINDFUL LUNA / @mindful.luna

Mindful Luna was born as a way to promote and encourage mindfulness in everything we do – spiritually, physically and mentally. I use sound healing as well as other techniques to help people overcome anxiety and release tension while achieving this peaceful and harmonious state.

I believe we, as individual humans, have the power to completely heal ourselves in every aspect. Mind and body are interconnected and through the practice of gratitude, increased awareness, self-love, peace, and harmony, we can experience that interconnection and liberate ourselves from anything that’s blocking our paths to happiness.

The higher your vibrations, the more harmonious your life will become. Let’s work together on making this world a place where all beings can be happy and free. I’m grateful for all the teachers and guides that have helped me in my own healing journey and look forward to helping you with yours!



Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.

We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available on Lincoln Blvd, Nowita Pl, Palms Blvd, Superba Ave, and other neighborhood streets.