October 28, 2019

Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls...Oh My!


Sam Aldaco

6:30pm - 8pm
$30 - $25

$30 General / $25 Bring a Friend!

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Join me in celebration of Halloween and learn how to clear your space so you can be free of any energies that interfere with your life

Have you ever wondered if there are ghosts or other entities lurking around the corner? The truth is, you'll find them everywhere you go. Join me in celebration of Halloween and learn how to clear your space so you can be free from any energies that interfere with your life.

Do you ever find yourself feeling strange when you walk into a room? Or maybe you left hours ago but you still feel a little off? You might have an entity attached to you!

Ghosts are simply dead people who haven't passed on. There are also other types of entities (the "goblins and ghouls") which aren't considered dead people that can also hang around us. Any of these beings can attach to people or their objects, but they actually aren't that scary if you stand in your power and realize they are just energies that need love and compassion.

In this workshop you will not only learn to deal with these otherworldly beings, but also empower yourself to take charge of your space and your energy.

  • Learn how to "send beings to the light"
  • Stand in your power
  • Feel more connected

All are welcome regardless of background or skill level.


Sam is an intuitive consultant who specializes in lifecoaching, energy clearing, and manifestation. He loves to see people grow and live happier, more profitable lives.

Website: samaldaco.com

Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.

We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available on Lincoln Blvd, Nowita Pl, Palms Blvd, Superba Ave, and other neighborhood streets.