May 13, 2019
MAY 13-17, 2019

Foundations of Yoga Psychology

Teacher Training | Module 1

Ashley Turner

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This eponymous module builds the framework and infrastructure for the subsequent curriculum. Solidify the cornerstone practices of Yoga Psychology. 

Yoga asks: “Who Am I?” “Why Am I Here?” All yogic studies serve to anchor us into our true nature – Sat Nam. In this module, we explore the nature of Self and the structure of thePsyche from both a western (psychological) and eastern (yogic) perspective. 

An overview of Ayurveda, the doshas and corresponding lifestyle considerations provides a working model for optimizing one’s constitution, clinical assessment and prescriptions for emotional healing. We will outline Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of the Shadow and Depth Psychology and its direct application to yoga and meditation. End with an introduction to Trauma Resolution – a necessary component in any mind-body therapy.



·      Yoga Prescriptions: depression, anxiety, anger, heartbreak, grief, increasing joy, love and intimacy

·      Architecture of the Psyche. The Triple Crown: Chitta, Buddhi, Atman

·      Awareness and therapeutic use of power dynamics in the yoga room (transference, counter-transference, projection, idealization, etc.)

·      The Hero/Heroine’s Journey in yoga

·      Basics of Ayurveda, the doshas, practical lifestyle considerations for optimal mind-body performance

·      Shadow Work: Carl Jung’s concept of “the Shadow” in yoga and integrating the unconscious 

·      Creating a safe container, crafting ritual and holding space for optimal healing

·      Embodiment and connection as the gateway of healing

·      Basics of trauma resolution – overcoming core wounds and childhood traumas

·      The physiology of stress and trauma and how to build resilience in order to thrive

·      PsychicSelf-Defense

·      TheSacred Mirror: A Mini Priest/ess Training – Emptying and strengthening your vessel to be a clear reflection of Truth

·      GuestExpert: Daniel Stewart

This training also counts toward Ashley’s 300-HR Advanced YogaPsychology Training


Monday – Friday
7am – 11am: Sadhana & Practice
11am – 1pm: Break 1pm – 5pm: Workshop & Training

*6 – 8pm occasional evening activity; sweat lodge, group ritual, kirtan, etc. Exact times and activities are subject to change and will vary with each module.

We expect this training to fill quickly, so please enroll at your earliest convenience to save your spot. Due to space constraints, no refunds of tuition can be made, therefore please make sure your schedule is clear before enrolling.


Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, AshleyTurner is a yoga/meditation teacher, Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist (#98598), facilitator, writer and Priestess.

She is the Founder of Yoga Psyche. Soul. – an Advanced YogaPsychology Training for yoga teachers, therapists and students; Co-Founder of UrbanPriestess – a year-long Mystery School to empower women, creator of 10 best-selling yoga dvds and co-author of Aroma Yoga


Known for her charisma, and unique ability to turn complex topics into accessible, real-life tools, Ashley’s favorite thing to do is facilitate in groups. She is a sought after presenter at international events and conferences and contributor to top tier media publications and podcasts including SelfShape, Mantra, Origin, Women’s HealthYoga Journal and Natural Health.


Ashley has graced such lists as:

·      100 Women in Wellness to Watch – MindBodyGreen

·      100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the US – Sonima

·      Top 100 Psychology Blogs – FeedSpot

Using her innovative fusion of yoga, depth psychology, mindfulness, Shadow Work and neuroscience she works with clients worldwide via Skype and leads transformative events to power points around the globe.

Her guided meditations are available on the Meditation Studio App and her yoga classes on

Her original and most profound yoga teacher is Ram Dass and she began her formal training in classical Ashtanga Yoga with his Hatha Yoga teacher, Baba Hari Das at the Mt. Madonna Yoga Center. Subsequently, she studied extensively with Bryan Kest, Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga, Mark Whitwell, Seane Corn, Mona Miller, Dr. Ron Alexander, Govindas and Krishna Das – but recognizes the ultimate teacher is life itself.

She lives by the beach in Marina del Rey, CA.


Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.

We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available on Lincoln Blvd, Nowita Pl, Palms Blvd, Superba Ave, and other neighborhood streets.