February 9, 2020
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Elevate Your Relationships Forever

Valentine's Couples Workshop

Adi & Sophie Jaffe



​● Exclusive Access to Adi + Sophie's Live In-Person Workshop in LA ($299 value)

● A copy of Adi's book - The Abstinence Myth ($21 value)

● A personalized bracelet to take home with a special message YOU create at the workshop ($25 value)

● A swag bag of goodies to support your relationship, your intimacy and your health! ($97 value)


YOUR COST = $299

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● The "must-have" elements of every successful relationship: We all want it, and some of us have been lucky enough to taste it or at least see it in others... but what actually makes a successful relationship and how do you know if you've got the potential? We'll teach you the checklist you have to watch for!

● Intimacy-creating communication + sex tricks:​ Have you ever felt like the distance between you and your partner keep getting bigger? Ever been scared that you don't even know how to bridge that gap and create more intimacy? We'll teach you some quick, effective and simple hacks to make intimacy a reality!

● The secret to overcoming relationship trauma:​ We hear from hundreds of couples who've been through infidelity, broken trust, family trouble and other forms of relationship trauma. We'll teach you what's worked for us and what we've see work for others. And we'll tell you how to be sure that a fix is in your future!

Everyone enters into a relationship meaning to make it the best it can be...

But not everyone succeeds in creating that dream, or making it last...

The false belief is that leaving makes it easier...

But that's a lie...

If you've been following us for any time now, you know that we're both all about creating the best possible life for each other, our partnership and our family. You also know that it hasn't always been easy and that we've been through a lot to get here.

But we now get to live in this magical reality...

And we want the same thing for you!

So come join us this February for a magical day where we'll teach you our secrets for deeper connection, faster healing, and the quickest way to your wildest dreams...



From suffering comes healing. Sophie and Adi Jaffe, PhD were two souls who were destined to find each other. They became bound to one another and embarked on a journey that forever changed them both, for the best. Their mission is to reignite couples who are searching for help and tools to change their relationships the better.

They are most well-known for sharing their story publicly of hitting rock bottom with sex addiction and infidelities and rising from the ashes as a couple, stronger than ever.  

Not only have they aired multiple episodes on their own podcast, but have been on other podcasts to tell their story, and Sophie has written on this topic for outlets like Women’s Health, Mind Body Green, Well and Good and the LA Times.

Sophie's insights on how to turn relationship trauma and pain into power and live a life full of unbounded bliss and balance serve as daily inspiration for millions of readers, listeners, and followers.

Adi Jaffe, PhD  is world-renowned expert on mental health, addiction and shame, and uses his personal experience with sex addiction and his professional experience as an individual and couples coach to not only reignite relationships, but change lives.

IG: @sophie.jaffe

IG: @dradijaffe


Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.

We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available on Lincoln Blvd, Nowita Pl, Palms Blvd, Superba Ave, and other neighborhood streets.