January 12, 2020

Crystal Healing Training

Level 1 Certification

Mariah Lyons



Level 1 Certification, Custom personal 10 piece crystal set, teas + tonics + snacks throughout the day

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Ready to take your love and knowledge of the mineral world to a deeper understanding and place of integrated practice? Join Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Gemstone Reader and ASTARA Founder Mariah K. Lyons for a Crystal Healing Certification program. This Level 1 Certification Workshop will dive deep into the world of crystal healing, covering the fundamentals integral to a holistic approach to the mineral world.

Mariah will cover lineage and cultural history of healing crystals, science, technology and esoteric teachings. This course also covers crystals for the home, office, as well as everyday use for healing the Self. We'll incorporate meditation to tap into and strengthen your intuition to better understand crystals with your own unique blueprint. After the workshop, you'll be able to work with crystals to balance and harmonize the energy within your body, set clear and potent intentions for quantum manifestation, deeper your meditation and strengthen your intuition. The use of minerals will help enhance your existing healing modalities you have in your practice as well as open up new layers within the self. You'll experience a deeper understanding of the potent power of crystals, how to select crystals in your life, how to work with crystals, why crystals are great for manifestation, and more.

If you are a wellness practitioner, you'll be able to incorporate crystals into your healing toolkit to further help clients in their healing journey. This class is for beginner and advanced practitioners alike. Everyone will be able to tap into the everyday practicality and use of crystals.



Growing up in the mountains in Utah instilled Mariah with a deep understanding of the human body’s intimate relationship with the Earth. Having healed herself from several debilitating Autoimmune illnesses following her professional dance career using her knowledge of grounding, medicine of the Earth and intuition, her mission now is to assist others in finding balance and wholeness through her teachings, appearances and grounding footwear line ASTARA.

Mariah has been extensively trained and holds certifications in Western Herbalism, Meditation, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Channeling as well as Reiki Master. Featured in VOGUE, The Hollywood Reporter, Chalkboard Magazine, VANITY FAIR, goop, and Harper’s BAZAAR.


Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.

We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available on Lincoln Blvd, Nowita Pl, Palms Blvd, Superba Ave, and other neighborhood streets.