November 5, 2019

Couples Date Night

A Facilitated Tantra Experience

The Tantra Institute

6:30 - 9pm
$75 - $150

$75 Couples Ticket / $150 Cash or at the door

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*New by popular demand from The Tantra Institute:

Want to reignite the passion in your relationship?
- or -
Start a new relationship set up for success?

Join us for an exciting new date night for all couples (new or established) that's guaranteed to bring sizzle to your step, and spark more connection with your partner.

Treat your selves to an expertly facilitated evening, including an introduction to the principles of Tantra, as well as guided exercises and games to deepen intimacy. All in the warmth of a mindful community of other couples.

Whether you're an established couple or in the first stages of dating, you'll move at your own pace, learn relationship skills, practice intimacy, and play!

Refresh your perspective on relationship and discover what you can create together!

*This event is modeled after our extremely successful "Tantra Speed Date," which brings singles together with relationship skills and intimacy games. Couples Date Night follows a similar structure, but for couples!

Limited space available. Get your ticket today!


Some of what you may experience at this event:

·      A renewed sense of appreciation for your partner.

·      Structured exercises to inspire deeper connection (whether you’ve been together for one date or for decades).

·      An introduction to the fundamentals of tantra.

·      Learn skills to improve communication and connection.

·      A sense of camaraderie with other couples.

·      Play games to make relationship more joyful.

·      Practice masculine and feminine roles to increase chemistry.

·      Learn tantric practices to for more intimacy.

·      And... you'll feel more turned on!


* Please arrive on time to check in and receive your materials.
* Ceremony portion begins 30 minutes after start time. Doors will be closed for the duration of the ceremony. LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. See cancellation/late policy below
* Events do sell out, so purchase tickets online to guarantee your spot. Door tickets are cash only and subject to capacity. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be sold or exchanged.



We're a new couple, or not even a couple yet, is this right for us?

Absolutely. We can think of no better way than to start your relationship off in a well-structured and open way. You'll learn how you can play masculine/feminine roles to increase polarity, and how you can both show up foreach other in a way that will bring the most enjoyment and pleasure to your connection from the get go!

We're an established couple, what can we expect?

So often as we get settled in a relationship, we can to fall into the same-old same-old. Here you'll have an opportunity to reconnect to that spark you have for each other. You'll bring more passion–and more play!–into your relationship. You'll learn skills to make relating smoother, have fun playing with masculine/feminine polarity, and you just might find yourself falling in love with your partner all over again.

What is Tantra Yoga?

Well, for starters, it's not what you saw in American Pie! Tantra is thousands of years old and has become a buzzword, which unfortunately has some misleading definitions. Translated from Sanskrit, it means "weaving," which means bringing oneness to yourself and consciousness to what you do. The exercises are designed to bring you into a state of being more present. So you can experience the elegant dance of masculine and feminine in a warm space of oneness and connection.

Is this a Tantra class?

The event is mostly experiential. And while not a class per se, you will be learning tantric concepts around the topics of polarity and desire, and how to have greater connection. And, you'll have a chance to practice them with some of the fun games we'll play.

What are the exercises and games like?

There are various exercises and games we'll play, such as those involving verbal dyads, conscious touch, actor's improv, light partner yoga, and others. And it's all up to you how much you want to participate.

What if I don't feel comfortable with some of the exercises?

Thanks for asking! While the exercises are straightforward and fun, you are always 100% at choice for how you wish to participate. If you find an exercise that doesn't work for you, then--just like in yoga--you have the option to modify or completely opt out. Couples are encouraged to participate at their own comfort level, and our facilitators demonstrate what that might look like.

Is there any explicit content?

This event is PG-rated; there is no explicit contact or nudity (you'll have to take our advanced classes for that!) It is designed to be a fun date night for couples. And while it's highly likely you will feel more energized and turned on, we ask that you save that for later when you're in private.

What should I bring, what do I wear?

Bring your partner of course, or someone you'd like to have a second date with or connect with more! You want to dress nice, but make sure you can move comfortably. There isn't any strenuous yoga or anything like that, and you could wear a suit, but you'll want to be more comfortable than that. We'll leave our shoes outside before we enter the room. Please no strong scents as some are sensitive to that. Thanks!

Will there be food or drinks?

There are no food or drinks allowed inside the studio. You can bring a bottle of water if you get thirsty