September 8, 2019

Cosmic Permissions

Exploring The Universe Within - Activating The Physical and Celestial Bodies Through Yoga and Astrology

Daisy Douglas & Andrew Sealy


We look forward to seeing you! Please arrive 15 minutes early.We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available throughout the neighborhood and main streets: Nowita, Lincoln, Palms, Superba, etc.

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The cosmic path of magnetism. Fluttering out from your core. A shining symptom of your hearts purest desires. Let us manifest the path of love. Following your unique map that is written in the stars. A reflection of your divine blueprint. A  journey into your cosmic dna. Using the awareness of the celestial bodies and our earth body to dive into deeper self-love, acceptance and understanding. To find wholeness within - that you are perfect in this moment and exactly as your soul intended for you to be. The cosmic intelligence comes to remind us that we are so incredibly divine and human at the same time - our soul has come here to have this human experience. Let us make the most of what we are rather than trying to mould into something we are not.

We have designed this workshop with the intention of helping all beings to gain a deeper understanding of their inherent connection to the universe within - working with physical body and the planetary bodies to enhance your daily lives. Using yoga and embodiment practices as a tool to ground the electric celestial wisdom. We want to support you in delayering and deconditioning the self so that you can return to your core essence - the way your soul intended for you to be. Therefore, we centre this immersion around PERMISSION - permission to follow the path that your soul is yearning for you to dance upon. Being in alignment with our most authentic version of self allows us to drop into a deeper place of self-acceptance, love and high self-worth. This workshop has been formulated to wholly empower you and awaken your inherent gifts. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to develop a healthier relationship with our emotional bodies, yin & yang energy and our rejected feminine parts of self (Lilith).


·       Opening Circle

·       Working with the Elements: the foundation of everything - understanding how you can understand & hold space for others based on their elemental makeup

·       Elemental yoga activation - honouring the elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)

·       Mother Moon: evolutionary intention, moon cycles, using the moon for manifestation and ritual, understanding our internal parent/child relationship, moon through the archetypes

·       ‘Honouring the Moon Cycle’ yoga journey

·       Black Moon Lilith: the wild, untamed feminine that has been rejected by patriarchal society (present in both men and women) - and how we can liberate her through your birth chart

·       PERMISSIONS closing ceremony - centred around self-love. 

Sound healing journey (30mins)

ABOUT DAISY // @flowersfordais_astrology

Daisy practices evolutionary astrology - which uncovers the soul's lessons and evolution through the birth chart - including the unresolved karmic pattern you were born with, and how you may still be living out this habitual ‘shadow’ side. She grew up with a fascination and intrigue for spirituality and metaphysics. About 7 years ago a passion was ignited in Daisy. She began exploring this metaphysical science, alongside other spiritual and holistic tools. Daisy was self-taught for a few years before enrolling at the Sydney Astrology School in 2016, whom certified her as a practicing astrologer after 4 levels and 3 years of in-depth study. Daisy continues to take multiple courses that deepen her astrological and psychological knowledge. She has studied under astrologers such as Steven Forrest, Tom ‘Kaypacha’ Lescher and Debra Silverman, bringing even more spiritual depth into her practice. Daisy spent many years in Ubud, Bali sharing her practice. She now travels the world holding holistic astrology workshops. Daisy has just completed her ‘Cosmic Love’ European tour and will now head over to the USA to share some magic. 

Astrology aside, Daisy’s other passions include holistic dance practice and conscious movement. Reviving ancient temple dance cultures from around the world to uplift humanity through movement. Daisy wishes to give all human beings the permission to be their most authentic expression of self, without (self) judgment and inhibition. All human beings are born with purpose - the seed behind why the soul incarnates. As soon as we step up to meet our hearts purest desire of being and make that commitment to ourselves - the universe will meet us there, holding our hand, and fully supporting that expression.



ABOUT ANDREW // @andrew7sealy

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a Yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world. He finds joy in interviewing Yogis from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories on the Yoga Revealed Podcast. The continuous self discovery process of Yoga compels Andrew to embody progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. This drive is derived from a deep place within his heart that confirms humanity’s genuine kind nature and true intention to change, grow, and maintain its natural beauty. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question, How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? 

Driven by his profound passion for self healing, Andrew Sealy’s Yoga journey began soon after his college education of microbiology ended. From a young boy exploring the beaches of Barbados, Andrew has always had a profound connection with nature and its healing properties. After completing his 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Centre’ in San Luis Obispo his path of health education continued with his High Honors Graduation from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With his profound curiosity of body-mechanics and human potential he set on a path to build his temple through the devout practice of Yoga.