7:00 – 8:30pm

Soul Alignment with Plant Spirit Medicine

We gather together to honor the unique journey of our very own naturalness. Setting the vibrational tone of your living atmosphere with the healing influences that reside within the flora and fauna. Plant Spirit Alignment is a high vibrational body of work, where the Mystic’s heart comes alive and begins to attune itself into the integrity and harmony that lives within our own natural Life Force. Together within sacred space we develop new-found connections into the soul’s terrain where our innate wisdom lies limitless, glowing, growing wild and free!

Soul Alignment gatherings are an in-depth coming together where we fine-tune ourselves towards the Mystic’s way of soul nourishment, while diving into the healing consciousness that emanates within a single flower and other unique plant allies. Through flower essence therapy we bridge the gap. Through guided meditation, deep dwelling inquiry, breath work and kundalini movement we awaken the intelligence of our mind, body, spirit atmosphere to receive. Through community share, journaling and tea ceremony, we hold the transmissions of our circle work for the collective to feel and heal with the vibrational pathways of Nature as our Guide. 

This is a powerful weekly gathering that creates a safe space supporting the seeker along their ever-evolving path. Each plant carries its own vibrational imprint offering you great guidance. Plants are more than their chemical constituents.They are intelligent beings that have the capacity to raise consciousness to a level where true healing can take place.

Flower Essences are botanical medicine known as homeopathy; they are created from the mature blossoms of vibrant flowers, stored in spring water and combined into an infusion process of sun or moon light which allows the vibrational remedy of a flower's essence to be transferred and come alive in medicinal form. Each flower holds its own unique imprint of medicine and messages that can assist within your own path of healing, revealing, transformation, self love and emotional freedom.


Rachel Phillips the creator of Essence of the Mother is a medium between plants and human, she has studied the Secrets of the flora since her adolescents. What was once a means of running to nature to find comfort, stillness and truth soon became a life-long discovery of the secret healing world within a single flower. Essence of the Mothers flower essences are crafted from the un-touched flora that grow vast and wild within the deep forests, deserts, tropics and high mountain plains.

We look forward to seeing you! Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.




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See Front Desk for Details