Deep Kundalini Meditation

This class works to build the meditative mind through Pranayam/breathwork and deep meditation, so that you can begin to relate to your highest self.  It includes some light stretching and quick warmups but mainly focuses on in-depth pranayama, which sets up a space for deep meditation.

Kundalini PRANAYAMA AND DEEP Meditation aligns one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions with the soul’s innate qualities of peace, love, bliss and truth. This allows the soul to experience a connection, or mental link, with the Supreme Soul. The process begins with a journey into one’s inner world to discover one’s true spiritual identity, which is a luminous, sentient point of energy, and then connects the Soul with the Supreme Source of energy - with ALL that IS!!

Over 1,000 Kundalini meditative kriyas exist. Each stimulates the psyche in an absolutely unique and powerfully uplifting way. There are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects during meditation. In this class we will focus on 31 minute meditations that enhance pure contemplation with elements like breath, visualization, mudra (hand yoga) and mantra (chanting). These techniques work on the pathways of the brain and the glandular system to balance your emotions and allow you to experience bliss.

“You can achieve what you want, just relate to your own breath of life. That is God in you. Never breathe unconsciously and never waste a breath on negativity. Feel (the breath) in your consciousness, feel it in your body. Feel it in the mind, and the soul will awaken. -Y.B.”

~Sat Nam

We look forward to seeing you! Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your own reusable water bottle as water is provided. Come with comfortable clothing.




Great Hall


60 Min




Valid for 90 Days

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See Front Desk for Details