“True Art makes the Divine silence in the Soul break into applause.”

Parts + Assembly

PARTS+ ASSEMBLY is the Los Angeles based design studio of Fanae Aaron that produces geometric wall tile assemblies that are modern, architectural and functional.

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Kandeyce Jorden

Working with paper Kandeyce collects from around the world, combined with paint, spray paint and charcoal, her large scale collage-like paintings are both detailed and divine.

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Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee is a passionate Alchemist/Craftswoman. The process of preparation, design, and creation has been a journey that has been derived from the Great Work in Alchemy.

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Dorit Schwartz

Art is a bridge to the human spirit. My sculptural work exists to evoke feelings, to awaken people; to dive straight into the depths of human strength and fragility. My creative process represents my deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature.

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Hans Walør

Hans’ art moves effortlessly between the bold and the simple, between stark structure and fluid motion inviting viewers to move beyond their ordinary reality.

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Adrian Rasmussen

Though his work is inspired by ancient tales, symbols, and understandings; he uses universal truth to create an experience rather than a concept. His artwork conveys a resonance that can only be understood through direct experience from the viewer.

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Jonathan Bickart

Jonathan Bickart honed his artistic skills in Phoenix, Arizona, rose to an accredited artistic level at the age of just 14, then moved to Los Angeles, California in 1985.

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Jeff Segal

My painting was a source of aid, comfort and contemplation during my encounter with, and healing from cancer, as I moved toward a new life and ultimately founded Mystic Journey Bookstore.

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Darcie Odom

Darcie Odom is an artist, activist, curator and mystic. Beginning to win awards for her art as a young child, her skills in drawing, painting, jewelry and metal-working eventually led to a scholarship at the Columbus College of Art & Design...

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Raised in the Russian country side, working as an artist in Ohio, and Las Vegas, Dmitriy Dimus is now a local Los Angeles multi-disciplinary artist.

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Featured artwork can be viewed in person at our Gallery located at:

1704 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

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